The music of
Astor Piazzolla
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The quintet of bandoneón, violin, piano, guitar, and upright bass was the formation utilized by Astor Piazzolla for the entirety of his career and the combo for which  he composed his most emblematic works. These compositions are now an indispensable piece of both popular and classical repertoires and have served for decades as a fundamental reference for musicians and listeners alike who are passionate about the music of Buenos Aires.

“Astor” was created with the intention of recreating and celebrating the music of the great bandeonist and composer.  Five seasoned and talented musicians, each of them holding a a deep knowledge of the genre as well as years of experience playing this style of music, perform the original arrangements that Piazzolla wrote for his quintet. This unique music has been a constant presence both in their lives as well as in their ongoing musical careers.


Listeners are able to hear the immortal music of the Argentinian genius with fresh ears thanks to performances that, while remaining faithful to the original scores, are packed with personality and emotion.


With “Astor” you live and breathe the music of Buenos Aires… the music of Astor Piazzolla.